Make 6 Figures in 12 Months

California Estates Realty and Thrive California offer a unique 12-Week online training program to empower you to earn 6 figures selling real estate in your first 12 months. A summary is below.  THERE IS NO OUT OF POCKET COST FOR THE TRAINING

Here is the agenda for the 12 weeks of online training that you can experience from your home office:
1. Self-Reliance
2. The Network
3. Buyer Whisperer
4. Dominant Listing Agent
5. Listings
6. Seller Whisperer
7. Sales Skills I
8. Art of Negotiation
9. Lead Generation
10. Operations
11. Outcome Visioning
12. Alpha
If you are not making 6 Figures and doing several sides a month, the Training could transform your business. Read more details below.


Week One of the California Estates Training – Self Reliance

Self-Reliance is the core value of America. Learn to sell homes and make 6 Figures of income in your first year. How would you feel if you were self-reliant?

The prerequisites of making 6 Figures:

  • Clarity on why
  • Grit
  • Burning desire
  • Personal power

Learn how to find your personal power in one day.  Learn how to prioritize your daily activities. Do you know the top three?
And most importantly, we reveal The ONE Thing. The ONE Thing that you need to master in order to make 6 Figures in the next twelve months. If you do this ONE Thing, your success is virtually guaranteed and it does not cost you one penny. This is the skill that all Top Producers, agents making over one million dollars per year, have mastered.
Do you know what it is?

The 12-week online training is offered to California Estates Realty agents for no out-of-pocket cost. You can go through the training at your own speed.

In week one, you will also learn:

  • The value of a “No”. How many contacts does it take for you to get a listing?
  • Insights to master networking
  • Insights into work habits for success
  • Basic Operations action list
  • Major threats to success that may be holding you back
  • How to run your real estate business, like a business. Do you know the four departments you need to operate?

If you are not making 6 Figures and doing several sides a month, the Training could transform your business. Learn more at Join.Thrive.US or email Scott directly.

California Estates is the next generation brokerage in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County:

  • 100% commission structure
  • $50 per month
  • Great support.

Join today and make more money. Have a great week.

Week Two – Your Network

Here at California Estates Realty, we know that your network is the most valuable asset of your business. Your job is to improve its value every day. Building your network daily is your main job: your existing contacts, the contacts of your contacts, and new leads. (Week 9). In week 2, we review the core competencies of thriving agents. Do you know what they are?

Real estate agents are commodities, there are hundreds of thousands of them. Do you know how to gain top-of-mindshare? There are six fundamental ways to make people like you, one of them is to smile, do you know the other five? We discuss the rhythm of creating referrals and how to make it fun.

The most important dialogue, which we call the Campaign Dialogue, has three simple messages. This short, easy to memorize dialogue, is critical to your success. You need to learn it now.

The core of our networking system is Contact, Connect, and Bond. Each component has a methodology. You will learn what to do and how to do it, so you can get lots of referrals.

How large is your current network? How many of those people call you first, if they or their friends need to buy or sell a home? Your business depends on building and managing your network.


 Week Three – Buyers

How to Manage Buyers – Week Three of the Training
Learn how to develop a unique rapport with your buyers to get them to do most of the field work and buy a house from you. Be a leader, not a cab driver. These are deal-making skills that you must have.
In Week Three of the California Estates training, you will learn the following:

  • How to recognize bad buyers
  • Pros and cons of working with buyers
  • Buyer Insights
  • Buyer Screening Protocol – A simple, but effective, three-step process
  • Buyer Relationship Dialogue – No guesswork, we teach you the dialogues
  • Buyer Engagement Dialogue
  • Property Feedback Form
  • 20 Second Follow-ups
  • Call to Action – Do you know the CTA dialogue?

The Wrong Way and the Right Way to Work with Buyers:

  • Follow: They are in control, they lead
  • Lead: You are in control, you lead. Which do you prefer?  In our training, we will teach you, through building rapport, management and leading, to make the buyer a partner in the process. When you know the property is the right one for the buyer, call them to action.

 Week Four – Dominant Listing Agent

The money is in the listings. Learn how to be the “Go To” Agent for your network and new leads. Learn the 4 key skills of a Dominant Listing Agent. Do you know what they are? Learn the 9 attributes of a super successful listing agent and how to enhance them within yourself.

Learn Seller Insights:

  • Use “move” instead of “sell.”
  • It’s not a “listing”; it’s a “home.”
  • Never use inside terms on the outside.
  • If you only satisfy their financial needs, you get a check.
  • If you satisfy the client’s emotional needs; you get an advocate.
  • When you do a great job and nurture the connection consistently they will become emotionally attached to you.

There is much more to learn (including dialogues) to get lots of listings:

  • The Q&A
  • The Prelist (Do you have an effective pre-list kit?)
  • The Listing Presentation (Week 5 is the Listing Presentation, how is yours working today?)
  • Closing
  • Setting Expectations
  • Managing the Escrow
  • Center of the storm
  • Lowering the price
  • Getting paid
  • You will also learn key seller triggers, risk reversal, how to preview a home, very effective FSBO and Expired dialogues, object handlers and much more. Week 4 is one of your most important training sessions.


  1. Do you want more listings this year?
  2. Do you want to earn 100% Commission when those listings sell?

Here is the agenda for the 12 weeks of online training that you can experience from your home office:

  1. Self-Reliance
  2. The Network
  3. Buyer Whisperer
  4. Dominant Listing Agent
  5. Listings
  6. Seller Whisperer
  7. Sales Skills I
  8. Art of Negotiation
  9. Lead Generation
  10. Operations
  11. Outcome Visioning
  12. Alpha

If you are not making 6 Figures and doing several sides a month, the Training could transform your business.

 Week 5 – Listing Presentation

In Week 5 of the Training (California Estates Realty & Thrive California) we cover the all-important listing presentation. The cornerstone of a successful listing agent’s marketing arsenal is the listing presentation.

How powerful is your listing presentation right now?

Would you like to see a PowerPoint listing presentation that has been used to land luxury listings up to 15 million dollars?  In our listing presentation training, you will learn:

  • Keys to a great listing presentation performance
  • Listing presentation insights
  • Listing presentation components
  • Closing dialogues

Do you know the three steps to understanding motivation? The answer is derived from NLP. We review, in detail, the 13 key components of a luxury home listing presentation.  And we save the best for last: We provide you with a bonus video that reviews the actual luxury listing presentation. See it from the inside.

So there you have it? If you want to list several homes a month, you must have a killer presentation. And one more thing; in our training, you will be able to download the actual PowerPoint presentation and edit it to make it your own.

If you are not making 6 Figures and doing several sides a month, the Training could transform your business. Learn more at Join.Thrive.US or email Scott directly.  California Estates is the next generation brokerage in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange County:

  • 100% commission structure
  • $50 per month
  • Great support

Week 6 – Seller Whisperer

Now that you have begun your journey to become a dominant listing agent and have the basis for a great listing presentation, it is time to learn about sellers, your key clients.

In week six you will learn about seller insights and how to determine their motivations. It is important for you to maintain control so you will learn how to set the expectations.

It is critical to your success that you understand what every seller wants to know subconsciously. There is art and science to becoming a successful listing agent. This one discussion is one of the most important.

You will learn the major keys to managing listings. In addition, you will learn how to get price reductions such that your listings sell. You lose time and money until your listings close and overpriced listings do not sell. You will also learn seller dialogs to be able to obtain price reductions so you can get paid.

Week 7 – Sales Skills 1

Sales skills, similar to skills for mastering a sport, start with knowing what the fundamentals are and becoming competent with those first and foremost. Unfortunately, most real estate agents do not have a good working knowledge of these fundamentals. In week seven, we dive into some of the most important skills that need to be second nature.

The first topic we discuss is the structuring and prioritization of your time each workday. This is critical to your success. Then we move on to how you can discover what emotions are driving your clients. Some people call these hot buttons. Do you know how to have a seemingly casual conversation with a seller and yet, determine what is driving them in their decision making?

There is a beat and rhythm to the conversations that a skilled sales professional has with his/her prospects or clients and one conducted by an amateur agent. There is a simple, yet effective, way to structure your sentencing in such a way that you learn more in the first minute of a conversation with a prospect than most agents ever learn.

Do you know the difference between a feature and a benefit?  Are you a master at closing?  Do you have a detailed objection handling matrix? With this tool, you will never be at a loss for words.
When your prospect says “We’ll think it over”, what do you say?

Sales Skill 1 has all the dialogs that you need to become a professional sales professional in the real estate business. You will want to watch this training dozens of times.

 Week 8 – Art of Negotiation

In week eight, we discuss the art of negotiation. When you think about it for a moment, what do we do as real estate agents but negotiate all day long? Yet, how often do we study the subject or invest the time to sharpen our negotiation skills?

Escrows often go sideways. When they do, you have to be the center of the storm. Clients are often dealing with their largest asset and act emotionally, rather than logically. That is where you come in, that is, if you have excellent negotiation skills.

The purpose of negotiating is to serve real interests as opposed to positions or emotions, yet how often to you hear the other side stuck in positions, driven by emotions? Do you know how to navigate them through that and achieve a successful outcome for you and your client?

In week eight, we reveal the attributes of effective negotiators. Then we get to the heart of the matter and reveal the four key elements of negotiation. This is a breakthrough moment in your training. We break down each of the elements and you will learn how to gain mastery in each area.

We discuss the process, of which, there are three distinct stages. We analyze eight styles of negotiating, how to recognize and deal with them. We identify major obstacles that you are likely to encounter and how to handle them and much more. After week eight, you will have a different perspective on how to approach large and small negotiations forever.

 Week 9 – Lead Generation

In week nine, we discuss buyer and seller lead generation. Many agents spend thousands of dollars each month on lead generation systems, many of which are not productive.

The majority of paid lead generation systems are for buyer leads. Companies such as, Zillow, Trulia, Market Leader, Boomtown and hundreds of others, focus on buyer leads. These companies capture buyer contract information on the Internet and then sell that lead to you. They get paid whether the lead is any good or not. You, on the other hand, lose time and money until you close a sale. This is a financial black hole for the vast majority of real estate agents for two reasons:
1. The closing percentage of Internet buyer leads in under one percent. This means that you have to burn through 99 leads to get a sale.
2. The second reason is the 5-minute rule. If you do not respond to the initial inquiry of the lead within 5 minutes or less, the lead becomes nearly worthless. What this means is that you need to be married to your cell phone or you are wasting money.

It is our philosophy that you should be investing the majority of what you choose to invest in lead generation, if any, to generate seller leads. You want listings, first and foremost, and the best buyer leads come from your own listings and costs you nothing.

We have experimented with thousands of direct mail campaigns targeting prospective sellers and we will reveal the one- and-only method that you should invest your time and money in.

A new field of seller lead generation involves predictive analytics. We will discuss this new and exciting technology and how it can increase your business and listing inventory.
You will learn new seller dialogs to be used to convert seller leads to listings. And finally we will discuss the real reason that you should have an agent website and it is not for lead generation.

Week 10 – Operations

Several tools will help you run your business efficiently, a couple of which are not expensive but important. Most agents do not have these items on their lists unless they are experts at generating referrals.
We have generated a sources list, comprised of over 50 categories of services that you may need to ramp up your business, including: Ad Networks, Agent Websites, Branding, Cloud CMAs, Document Processing & Storage, Foreclosure & REO, FSBO, Gifts for Clients, IDX Solutions, Lead Generation & Management, Listing Syndication and dozens more. All the best companies, a list that will save you time.

Week 11 – Outcome Visioning

Week eleven of the training is about taking charge of your destiny. Here are some of the important topics covered in Outcome Visioning (goal setting):
• Clarity: You must gain clarity on your desired future by visualizing. This simple process is called outcome visioning.
• Why: You must know why you want your desired outcome.
• Mindset: You must gain some mastery on creating context.
• Directive Affirmations: You must train your subconscious twice daily.
• Goals: You must set a series of “SMART” goals.
• Action: You must take massive action, no excuses allowed.

You will learn the ingredients for creating a powerful outcome vision. We take you through the step-by-step the process in real time so you will create your first vision. We discuss how to reveal your personal “Why”, the higher cause that is behind what you do every day.

We spend a lot of time in this training understanding how to set “Smarter” goals. We break down each component so you will come away with a deeper understanding of how to set high goals and achieve them. Get ready to put your future into focus and let go of limitations.

 Week 12 – Alpha

We have all heard of the Alpha Male, the leader, the dominant male. The term Alpha also applies to females. Both genders can be leaders, goal achievers and successful. But what are the traits of these successful people?

Even if you do not have a desire to be a true Alpha, there is much to learn in this training and here is why – your clients are:
• Looking to you as the expert
• Looking to you for guidance
• Looking to you for wisdom
• Looking to you to make things happen
• Looking to you to make everything OK
• Looking to you to lead
• They want you to be the Alpha

In our final week of training, we will examine over twenty traits of an Alpha. Is it time for you to up your game? Alphas are winners. Be one.

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