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California Estates Realty and Thrive California is hiring agents in Ventura, Los Angeles, and Orange Counties. Great training and support. The best plan to make you the most money.

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California Estates is an agent-centric brokerage.
Most brokerage firms are broker-centric. They think that their brand is more important than yours. One of the most important requirements of a brokerage to be agent-centric is great training for their agents and in particular, training to help their agents’ list homes quickly and promote their personal brand in the process.
If you want to list more homes, you should consider moving over to California Estates.

Update: Learn more about the 12-Week Training: Click here

Here is the agenda for the 12 weeks of online training that you can experience from your home office in your pajamas:
1. Self-Reliance
2. The Network
3. Buyer Whisperer
4. Dominant Listing Agent
5. Listings
6. Seller Whisperer
7. Sales Skills I
8. Art of Negotiation
9. Lead Generation
10. Operations
11. Outcome Visioning
12. Alpha
If you are not making 6 Figures and doing several sides a month, the Training could transform your business.

 Read more about California Estates and THRIVE California:

100% Commission – We charge low transaction fees. Over the course of your real estate career, you could end up paying your broker over a million dollars in commission splits. Is it worth it?

Agent Brand Building Program – Your brand matters, not the brokerage. Only 3% of buyers and sellers picked an agent because of the brokerage. We help you build your brand.
Low Costs – Only $49.95 per month and no nickel and aiming.
Luxury Listing Agent Training – 12-week luxury listing agent training, no out-of-pocket cost to you. Watch the video here.
Luxury Branding – California Estates Realty is our luxury brand that you can affiliate with if you choose to.
Mentorship – Scott will be your personal coach and mentor. Review Scott’s bio here.
Leads – Get invited to our new seller leads team for new listing opportunities. The money is in the listings.
Digital – We handle all your transaction management work for you digitally so you can generate new business.

California Estates is a unique brokerage platform that empowers ambitious real estate agents to discover, create and market their own brand, retain more of their commission and even build a team in a satellite location. We invite you to think of our company as a platform designed to inspire your creative expression as well support your financial success.This is a shift from the norm.

Most real estate brokerage firms claim that they are the “best” (or choose the adjective) brand in the marketplace; that they are who your prospects want to do business with. Really? Then they must have an overflow of leads waiting for you when you join, right? PrintUh… maybe not. Walk-in traffic? Don’t think so. 97% of sellers don’t hire based on the brokerage brand.But brokers don’t tell you that. At some point, the agent begins to ask why am I drinking this Kool-Aid? And paying dearly for it. Year after year after year. 1-2 mil over your career. Do the math.

Am I stuck in this big box brand that really does nothing to help me generate business?Does it feel like this?  think platform PrintA strong platform means a strong foundation. So what are the major building blocks of our platform?

  • 100% Commission
  • Luxury Homes Focus
  • Super Star Training
  • Agent Branding Support

Design your future. Own your future.  Take a step onto our platform and look around. Our platform includes the brokerage brands of Thrive California, California Estates Realty, Thrive Homes and Estates and Thriving Life Realty. Choose which one connects the best with your brand; the brand that matters most.

THRIVE as an Agent

Want to earn more? Want to learn more?  Please keep reading.

Full-Service Brokerage, Personal Training by Scott, Luxury Homes Focus, Super Star Training and Support

  • $49.95 Per Month, no setup fee
  • Full Service
  • Luxury Homes Division
  • Industry’s Best Super Star Listing Agent Training: THRIVE University
  • Mentoring with Scott
  • Lead Generation
Ventura County                              805-497-6661
Los Angeles and Westside           310-929-7815
The Valley                                       818-573-5030
SouthBay and Orange County      562-342-3018

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“I thought the meeting was great. It gave me a lot to think about and some very constructive ways to do things to better help me and my business.” Karen M.


My name is Scott Farrell, founder of THRIVE California and California Estates Realty. I started THRIVE for you. I invite you to join me in the THRIVE revolution. The revolution is about you, the independent hard working real estate agent that wants to create a great future, be their own boss, keep progressing a little each day, make a lot of money and have fun doing it. THRIVE is for experienced productive agents and new agents as well.

My bio is below for your full review but briefly, I will tell you that I have been a career real estate professional and former broker at RE/MAX and Keller Williams prior to starting THRIVE.

THRIVE is unique and includes the industry’s best Super Star training (more below) and a focus on selling luxury homes in Southern California.


We feel that one’s desire for mastery is innate. Why do we play sports or a musical instrument? For the enjoyment of course, but beyond that is our natural desire to improve at something we love. We think selling homes should not be any different so we have created THRIVE University which is a 15-week deal-making school. This is our original training and will still be available as a supplement to our new 12-week training for 2016-2017, For those of you that are new in our business or just need to be re-energized, the THRIVE training is a roadmap to mastery of your career. The Super Star training is not about how to fill out a form, it is about how to get listings, how to manage multiple buyers at the same time without going crazy, how to get referrals, how to perform a killer luxury home listing presentation and much more. This is productivity school on steroids. If you are a very productive agent, you may not need nor want it but for many agents, it makes all the difference.

Listing Presentation

Most listing presentations supplied by big box brokerages try to sell the brand of the brokerage. In today’s environment, particularly with luxury homes, you have to demonstrate to the seller that you know how to get them top dollar and you know the insider secrets of marketing luxury real estate around the world. We have two 85 slide PowerPoint presentations that will give you an edge. PrintOur luxury homes listing presentation features a marketing campaign that you can present to your seller prospects called THRIVE Global Reach which outlines the processes of syndicating and marketing luxury real estate globally. This will give you a big edge to obtain luxury listings if that is your focus.


THRIVE is not just a digital transaction system. We are a team of people that are here to support you. I am personally available to you. I enjoy one-on-one deal-making and performance coaching, either by phone, video conferencing or live training.

In addition, we have adapted Performance Mind Management training to real estate. This is new for our industry and explores the mental side of performing at your peak. For those agents that really Olympic_Rings copywant to excel, this is a whole new dimension to our business. This training, adapted from the coaching used by the United States Olympic team, is offered live every so often to those who want to take the next step. If you don’t need training or a mentor, no problem, just enjoy your extra income with THRIVE and do your own thing.Technology and Support

THRIVE is continually improving our technology. For example, we recently released our new listing search application at Thrive.US. This software is not IDX. We designed it ourselves with a team of talented programmers and we receive large data feeds directly. This software will fuel lead generation for our agents in the future.

Technology for our Agents:Businesswoman on break in park

• Online Resource Center (ORC). Access the ORC from any device to obtain marketing and training material, artwork, forms, listing presentations, high-end pre-list packages, and much more.

• Digital document storage

• Community Resource Sites. These sites allow our agents to gain online exposure and network with small businesses in the communities.

Building your Brand

When you see a big box broker advertisement on national television what you are really observing are the fees that agents pay the broker being spent on a multimillion-dollar advertising campaign … advertising the broker’s brand! A recent NAR survey revealed that only 3% of sellers selected a listing agent based on which brokerage firm he or she was with.

THRIVE is an educational and support company designed to help you build the only brand that really matters and that is YOUR brand. In addition, you will now have the money to really build your brand instead of financing your broker’s brand out of your hard earned commission.


We named our company THRIVE (Our luxury brand is California Estates). We are building a financial success system for real estate agents like no other. We know that you want to achieve success. We know that you want to make progress towards your personal goals each day.

For the new agent, THRIVE is a great opportunity to move from financial survival to stability in a reasonable amount of time. For the productive agent, THRIVE is a wealth creation vehicle.

THRIVE is about empowering people to be self-reliant and achieve the American dream. It is our goal to contribute to your enjoyment of this short life, humankind’s magical gift. We want you to THRIVE.

About Scott Farrell

Scott grew up in Chicago and began his college career at the University of Miami playing baseball. He transferred to Indiana University to pursue a business education where he graduated Beta Gamma Sigma while booking major rock bands for the university including the Rolling Stones and the Who.PlazaVistaPR

Following graduation, Scott started his career in real estate by investing in single-family homes and apartment buildings in the Midwest. Eventually, Scott headed west to Scottsdale Arizona where he founded Farrell Development and Investment Company.

Scott’s company specialized in land speculation and focused on the acquisition of sectional corners on the outskirts of the Phoenix metropolitan area. As the investment opportunities reduced with changing market conditions, Scott’s company moved into the commercial development business.

As Sam Walton’s vision moved westward, Scott built the first WalMart store in Arizona. WalMart was Walmart-1x1the anchor in Plaza Vista Mall, eventually growing into a large shopping center developed by Scott in Sierra Vista Arizona that also included JC Penney and other stores. After several years, Scott sold his commercial property to a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust) on the New York stock exchange.

Other real estate endeavors include oceanfront residential and affiliations with RE/MAX and Keller Williams as a broker. Scott has been\on radio and television and has been written about in major newspapers nationwide related to various projects through the years.

Scott is the founder of Thrive, a next-generation residential brokerage company.

Scott is the father of three amazing children and has been involved in the Conejo Valley Little League. Scott’s other passions include politics, golf, sports cars, motorcycles, modern art and architecture and marlin fishing (catch and release). Scott is a member of the International Game Fish Association’s 10 to 1 Club and the National Coalition for Marine Conservation.

If you are energetic, enthusiastic, have a great work ethic, are honest and professional, we would like to connect with you. Let’s create a thriving life together. Thank you.

 Ventura County 805.497.6661

All the best,

Scott Farrell

California Estates Realty  – Thrive California
Ventura County                               805-497-6661
Los Angeles and Westside            310-929-7815
The Valley                                        818-573-5030
SouthBay and Orange County       562-342-3018

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